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Proper Limo Tipping Etiquette

The most awkward part of the limo ride is usually at the end of the day when your limo drops you off and you’re wondering whether to tip and how much you should actually tip. Some people are usually worried about over tipping or under tipping the driver if they even tip at all. As an executive traveler, it is important to understand the proper East Hampton limo company tipping etiquette. Tipping is one of the subtle nuances of the limo service sector that you should not miss. Some companies will include gratuity into the bill in form of an all-inclusive pricing while other companies leave it to your discretion.

Tipping is just a way to thank the person who has made your journey a success and even gone out of their way at some point to do it. If you want to appear as the savvy traveler, it is important to understand what tipping is all about when working with an East Hampton limo company.

Tipping is all about showing your appreciation at the moment and getting better service in future if you are a return customer, you will want to be remembered. Tipping is usually just a sign of appreciation for the help rendered by the driver. Service gratuity is an implied tradition that often comes naturally to both the tipper and service provider. Chauffeurs who go above and beyond their expected roles to make their clients even more comfortable during their drive deserve a tip. A great chauffer knows there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to offer exceptional service to their clients. If a service provider gives a service that is not helpful, you do not have to tip.

You should make tipping part your travel budget if the East Hampton limo company does not include gratuity in an all-inclusive billing service. Tipping can help you get more out of the service of the chauffer such as finding the best routes to avoid traffic, getting your newspaper, giving you a couple of extra minutes on the clock and helping you carry your luggage among other things. Tipping is not universal however, whenever you are travelling overseas, you may want to find out about the local tipping culture.

The recommended level of tipping for an East Hampton limo company professional driver depends on the level of service. The baseline standard for tipping is usually between 15% to 20% of the total cost of the service. If the service was noticeably less than exceptional, you can tip as low as 10%. In case you feel the need to, contact the limo company and let them know of any areas of failure in service delivery that led to the low tip. A tip of 20% is great for top quality service from a chauffeur who is visibly dedicated to making your trip exceptional.  A high tip will be much appreciated by the professional chauffer who will definitely continue providing exceptional service even beyond you as their client.

You can get further clarification on proper tipping etiquette by visiting ewlimo.com

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