Hampton Bays Limo Company

Are you in the market for a professional Hampton Bays limo company? EW limo is a dependable Hampton Bays limo company providing services throughout long island, NYC and beyond. We provide car service, shuttle service as well as Mercedes sprinter limousines 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Specializing in the following:

  • Airport runs to JFK, LGA, Mac Arthur and beyond
  • Events
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Outings
  • Day Trips to NYC and beyond

Hampton Bays Limo Company

Hire A Hampton Bays Limo Company For Fun, Luxury, Comfort And Safety

Want to have fun, enjoy extra luxury and comfort while making sure you reach your destination safe and sound, hire a Hampton Bays limo company to offer the perfect ride. Limos are great transport options for events like weddings, proms, birthdays and other parties. You can even treat yourself by getting in a limo when you are travelling for your Christmas or Thanksgiving holiday. Here are a few tips to make your limo experience worthwhile.

Opt for a weekday

Taking a limo ride on a weekday is likely to be cheaper and more convenient. On weekends, limos are usually in high demand. Parties and events take place in most weekends so the Hampton Bays limo company may be packed with reservations. In fact, most limo companies in Hampton Bays offer great discounts for weekday customers.

Travel with friends

Getting on a limo ride with a group of friends is not only more entertaining but also cost effective in the long run. You can choose to split the cost of the limo ride with the group of friends.

Take an older limo

Just because the limo is old doesn’t mean it’s in poor condition. The latest limo might be too expensive if your budget is low. You can convince your friends to go for the older model if it means cutting down on costs and still enjoying a great deal of amenities. Some of those old models have quality sound systems and comfortable seating. Remember that hiring a limo ride is special enough so you don’t need to go all the way and get the latest vehicle if your budget is low.

Consider the extra costs

Will you pay for parking and road tolls? Is there any gratuity that you’ll need to pay the limo driver? When the Hampton Bays limo company gives you a price quote, always ask if it includes everything. Good limo companies will be very transparent in their pricing from the word go. Don’t be in a rush to compare quotes from different limo companies unless you are sure everything has been captured.

Find out what deposit is required

The Hampton Bays limo company is likely to ask you for a 50% deposit when you are making a reservation. If you are being asked for more than this as deposit, look for a different car service. Some companies even demand full payment in order to reserve a limo for you. Generally, you should pay 20-50% of the rental fee as deposit. An amount higher than that is unacceptable.

Will you pay for drinks?

Ask in advance if you will be paying for the drinks that come inside the limo. You may enjoy drinks inside the limo only to be billed for each one of them. Also, find out if you are allowed to come with your own drinks and put them inside the cooler. Some limo companies do not allow customers to carry their own drinks since they provide. A good Hampton Bays limo company will allow you to put anything that’s legal in the coolers.

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