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Are you looking for a Hamptons Car Service in the Hamptons? EW Limo is the leading Hamptons Car Service provider on the East End of long Island. When it comes to Hamptons Car Service, look no further then East Wind Limousine. Utilize our Hamptons Car Service for short local trips as well as long distance all day trips.

We specialize in the following Hamptons Car Service:

  • LGA to Hamptons Car Service
  • JFK to Hamptons Car Service
  • Mac Arthur to Hamptons Car Service
  • Hamptons Car Service to LGA
  • Hamptons Car Service to JFK
  • Hamptons Car Service to Mac Arthur and beyond

EW Limo – Leading Hamptons Car Service providers.

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Using A Hamptons Car Service For Your Wedding Transportation

As a rule of thumb, you need to book your wedding transport about 4 to 5 months prior to the D-day. But even before you rush to find a suitable Hamptons car service, make sure you have an idea of what kind of wedding transport for you. Perhaps you want your bridal party to be riding with you or a limo just for you and the groom. Understanding every detail of your wedding transport will ensure you find the perfect fit for your big day. Here are a couple of things you need to review when looking for a Hamptons car service for your wedding day.

How much do you want to spend?

Bear in mind that a Hamptons car service is likely to charge you based on either the distance or time you spend with the car. When you are setting a budget, be very realistic and shop around to ensure you get the most suitable service provider in Hamptons.

What type of car would you like?

You may want a car that perfectly matches with your wedding theme in terms of color or design. Talk to the car service regarding the possibility of securing the type of cars you want for your wedding. If you have a very unique need, say a fleet of cars of the same color and type, book them early to increase your chances of getting exactly what you want.

What are the pickups and drop-offs?

Getting the details on the pickup and drop off time and location will ensure the Hamptons car service gives you a specific rate. If you end up spending a lot more time than what you had stipulated, you may need to pay more. Decide on whether the bridal party will be picked at a single location or in different locations early enough. It will help the driver to come up with a suitable route plan for the big day. Bear in mind that some car service providers have a minimal rental time.

How many people will fit in each fleet?

This will help you to know what type of car will be suitable for your wedding. Some limos are designed to carry large bridal parties of up to 20 people. Others are just for the bride and groom with perhaps two extra seats. Think about the pros and cons of having many people in the limo before you make this decision.

Any special requests?

When it comes to wedding transport, every bride has their own unique needs. You may want your chauffer to dress in a certain way or the car to be decorated in a way that blends in well with your wedding theme. It is important to communicate this to the Hamptons car service early enough.

Make sure you get all the details about the car in paper. Things like the pickup and drop off times/locations, cancellation policy and insurance policy cover should be included in the contract you sign before booking. Most importantly, call the Hamptons car service a week before your wedding to confirm that your reservation was made.

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