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When it comes to Sag Harbor car service, look no further then EW Limo. Our Sag Harbor car service is available in moment’s notice. Planning a special day in NYC? East Wind Limousine offers Sag Harbor car service to NYC and beyond. Whether you are in need of a Sag Harbor car service for a quick errand or a full day of planned events, EW limo has you covered.

Specializing in the following:

  • Sag Harbor Car Service throughout the East End of Long Island
  • Sag Harbor Car Service to and from all major airports
  • Sag Harbor Car Service to NYC and Beyond

Sag Harbor Car Service Eastern LI

Booking Sag Harbor Car Service? Tips to get you started

The logistics of transporting yourself and a group of people to and from an event can be overwhelming. You need to map out an itinerary that will work for your guests. We will share with you a few guidelines that will help you when booking Sag Harbor car service.

Establish a basic timeline

When planning an event, you need to know how you will be spending the better part of your day so as to book the right means of transportation. For instance, if you will need to pick up multiple guests in different locations, you need to set aside enough time for this. Be sure to include some extra time in the event of an emergency such as a guest who shows up late or changes the pickup location last minute.

Set a budget

Once you have an idea of how much time you’ll need transportation, set a realistic budget. Your budget will dictate the type of car you book and how much time you spend in it. You can find a Sag Harbor car service that charges you based on time whereas others charge based on the distance covered. Look into all these factors when booking your contract. Ask to see the limo or vehicle that you are booking beforehand. You’ll be able to verify if it has enough room for you and your guests. If you are having the event during summer, you’ll want to ensure the car has proper air conditioning.

Read the fine print

Don’t sign a contract with the Sag Harbor car service without reading the fine print. Ask the company to provide you with a written agreement that contains details like the total cost of the service, deposits required, cancellation policy, arrival and departure locations and the exact model of the car you requested. This written document is what you can use in case anything goes wrong. Verify if the Sag Harbor car service has licensed and insured drivers.

Provide the transport company with itinerary details

The Sag Harbor car service needs to get all the necessary details before the big day. This includes information like the directions, alternate routes and the number and locations of guests who are being picked along the way. Give them the necessary contact numbers as well so that they can communicate with you in case there’s a need (e.g. if the car you requested is not available due to mechanical problems and they need to send another one).

Get creative

This is especially important for special occasions like weddings. You can find a Sag Harbor car service that has different car models and choose the one that the groom will love or that complements your wedding theme.

Keep everyone in the loop

Make sure all the guests who will be using the Sag Harbor car service know the pickup and drop off times. If some of them want to celebrate for longer hours, let them know that they will have to source for alternate means of transport. This will help you to avoid inconveniences along the way.

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