Southampton Limo Company

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Southampton Limo Company

Best Hacks For Hiring A Southampton Limo Company

Hiring a limo is a luxurious way of getting around town whether for business or pleasure. Limo companies today have greatly diversified the kind of service packages they offer and today, you can even have an entire party on a limo fully stocked with entertainment systems and spacious interiors. If you want to have the best luxury experience at an affordable cost, it is advisable to find a Southampton limo company that can deliver these expectations. There are plenty of companies to choose from but you should consider the following to pick the best:

Check out the vehicles

When working with a Southampton limo company, always check out the vehicle before making any down payments. Booking car service online is quite convenient, however most companies will post up pictures online that show their business in the best light like pictures of when the vehicles were still very new. You may find the same vehicle as the one on the website but much more run down with the wear and tear of time. If you are hiring a car service for a special occasion such as a wedding or other major event, it is advisable to check out the vehicles personally beforehand to avoid any surprises on the actual day.

Professional chauffeurs

One of the things you should never compromise on when hiring a Southampton limo company is incompetent drivers. Besides a great car, it is the driver’s professionalism and expertise on the job that will determine how well you enjoy your ride. Some car service companies will hire part time drivers such as college students who have driver’s licenses to drive their vehicles on weekends. Unfortunately, part time drivers have not spent enough time on the road to understand the various routes, landmarks, high traffic areas and destinations around major cities like professional chauffeurs do. Find out the credentials of the chauffer before hiring the vehicle.


If the Southampton limo company insures its vehicle under a personal auto policy, the insurance will rarely cover the clients who hire the vehicle. You should not only seek proof of valid insurance from the limo company fleet but also find out how their insurance cover policy caters for you as a client in case of any accidents or incident, just to be on the safe side.

Get it all in writing

Both the client and the service provider should have a contract outlining the terms of engagement and any conditions before the car service begins. The Southampton limo company should send you a contract with all the details and specific requirements you have to sign before sending out a vehicle. Read the contract carefully to ensure you understand all the details, financial requirements and procedures to undertake in case of any loss or damage of property. A contract protects both the client and the service provider when the terms are defined clearly.

Finally, remember to tip the chauffer at the end of the trip, especially if the delivery on every promise of a luxury ride.

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