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When it comes to providing a luxury Speonk car service, East Wind Limousine has you covered. We handle everything from last minute Speonk car service to and from all major airports in a moment’s notice. We are also equipped to handle large parties.

Speonk Car Service specializing in the following:

  • Weddings
  • Day Trips around Long Island
  • Day Trips to and from NYC and Beyond
  • Events
  • Wine Tours
  • Special Occasions, or just a night out on the town.

Speonk Car Service Eastern LI

Speonk Car Service: Items To Bring During A Limo Ride

The most convenient Speonk car servicewill provide some of the most luxurious limo services in the market. A limo ride is one of the best ways to get from one point to another as well as have an excellent time. Limo services are used for celebrations with friends, airport transfers as well as wine tasting tours. It is important that you do not forget to carry some items during your ride. These not only make the trip comfortable but all the more relaxing and worth it. Here’s a list of essentials:


Speonk car service will have limos with charging systems for you to use. It is common to find yourself rushing to a meeting with equipment that is running low on charge. The best limos will allow you to charge your phone, music player or laptop while on your way to the meeting. Chargers will also allow you to use your devices in the vehicle by tapping to WI-FI in case you need to check email or catch-up with friends.

Favorite magazine

A good magazine is one of the best ways to pass the time while enjoying a limo ride. Ensure you grab a copy at the airport or any stop before using a Speonk car service. You can choose from sporting, fashion, and general entertainment issues just to catch up with the latest news. A newspaper will also do if you are a businessman rushing to a meeting. Most limos will have magazines in them for the clients to enjoy but you cannot always depend on them to have your favorite magazine onboard.

A music player

It is important that you carry along your music player. This could be an iPod or a phone. Most of these devices can connect with the car systems for some cool music. Speonk car service will ensure that a perfect system is installed for the ultimate entertainment experience. This is best enjoyed with friends that love to sing. Karaoke machines are a standard addition to limos and a feature that can add life to your limo ride.

Makeup kit

Do not forget your makeup kit. It is a very good time to spruce up for the next stop using the various mirrors in the vehicle. You want to look fresh during your next event. Makeup kits are a welcomed addition to any lady’s purse and a good way to spend time in the limo.


Usually, Speonk car service will offer you a vehicle with ample luggage space. Do not forget to tag along your luggage from the airport or hotel. The chauffeur will remind you about this to ensure that you have not forgotten anything.


A good bottle of your favorite drink will be a welcome addition to any limo ride. This is one of the best ways to enhance your limo ride and the fact that the service is chauffeured makes it all the more convenient. Grab your favorite drink before you get onto one.

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