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Welcome to East Wind Limousine. We provide luxury West Hampton car service throughout Long Island, NYC and beyond. If you are in need of a last minute dependable Westhampton car service then look no further than EW limo. We are able to deploy dependable drivers in a moment’s notice.

Westhampton Car Service specializing in the following:

  • Westhampton car service to and from JFK, LGA, Mac Arthur and Beyond
  • Westhampton car service throughout the Hamptons
  • Westhampton car service serving Suffolk County, Nassau County, NYC and Beyond.

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Booking A West Hampton Car Service – 5 easy ways to make your trip a success

One critical aspect of any special event is how you plan on getting there. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or prom night, getting proper transportation will contribute to making the experience rewarding. When booking a Westhampton car service, you need to consider the different aspects of your trip that will make the experience a success. Here’s what we have in mind to help you find a reliable car service that will get you to the preferred destination in style.

Always plan early

Avoid postponing the process of booking a car service lest you miss the type of car you want or pay double the price for it. You want to avoid the rush especially in months like April which are known to be prom and graduation season. Limos and other luxury cars are in high demand so you risk paying extra when you don’t book early enough.

Visit the Westhampton car service

It’s important to see the car you intend to book in person before spending any money on it. What you see on photos may not be the exact car that is delivered. Find out if the car has all the amenities and is in proper condition before you book. If you’ll be using it during the hot summer months, find out if it has a proper working air conditioning system. Confirm all these before putting down a deposit.

Extra time for unexpected delays

A lot can happen when you hire a Westhampton car service. Some of the unexpected delays can ruin your day if you did not leave at least 30 minutes extra time. First and foremost, remember that putting people in multiple cars and making sure they are all set to go is not easy. Secondly, traffic jams can cause delays on the D-day so you should always add extra travel time. You can ask your guests or passengers to show up half an hour earlier.

Ask about the rates

Westhampton car service may charge you based on the distance travelled or time spent with the ride. If you are going to be charged by the hour, be extra cautious when setting the extra travel time so that you don’t end up paying for the car when it’s not in use. Most of the car companies will require a minimum booking fee. If you contract them for a whole day, you are likely to pay a fixed price. Make sure that whatever terms you are given by the car rental have been clearly stipulated in the contract.

Don’t be afraid to express your desires

When booking a Westhampton car service, feel free to be a little demanding. If you want a certain type of music, drinks or the chauffer to have a specific dress code, communicate this to the car service. Make sure they have added these little extras on your contract before you sign. Most car hire companies will accommodate their customer’s needs upon request.

EW Limo is the luxury car service for the entire West Hampton area. Fill in their contact form on ewlimo.com to get all your questions clarified.

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